Become a member

The Ukrainian Canadian Social Services Branch in Hamilton invites you to become a member of our organization, participate in our programs or volunteer your time to help others.

Please make Ukrainian Canadian Social Services the charity of your choice when bequeathing a gift of rememberance for your departed family member and friends.


Our address is:
Ukrainian Canadian Social Services (Hamilton)

1252 Barton St. East Hamilton, On. L8H 2V9

for more information or make your contribution directly at the United Ukrainian Credit Union at the above address.

The Executive of the UCSS

Ongoing Activities of our branch

b Support ‘soup kitchens’ and ‘food banks’ in Ukraine.

b Dispatch many parcels of clothing, shoes, medical supplies, and toys to orphanages and needy people in Ukraine.


b Provide scholarships for orphaned university students in Ukraine.


b Help financially in the establishment and maintenance of clinics in Ukraine which are accessible to all people of limited resources.


b Visit people who are infirm or in homes for the aged or in hospitals.


b Donated $1000.00 to the building fund of the Ivan Franko Senior’s Home in Mississauga.


b Provide financial aid to send needy local children to summer camps.


b Organize soup kitchens and ‘Soniashnyk’ collections in order to receive donations for our charitable causes.


b Assist new arrivals to Canada with lodging or other needs.


We wish to thank all of our supporters and donors, since you are the sole sources of our finances and contributing materials which we use to help others who are in need.